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Hi there! Nice to meet you. I'm Alyse.

I am a queer fat femme artist, art therapist, and advocate.

I create illustrations and designs around topics like mental health, body positivity, self care, and social justice. I share this work on social media and also create items from my designs. I do freelance and consulting work for organizations and brands that align with my interests and style. I'm also an art therapist and counselor seeing clients virtually in Illinois. My work is informed by my lived experience, art background, and clinical training in order to create pieces that effectively communicate helpful information and reminders in an engaging and colorful way.

Illustration + Design

In addition to making and selling my own work, I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Whether you're a big brand, small nonprofit, or individual with an idea–let's see what we can make together.

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Art Therapy + Counseling

I am an Art Therapist & Counselor in a group private practice in Chicago, IL. I work from a person-centered, relational-cultural framework and believe that therapy is a collaborative process.

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Advocacy + Activism

I do advocacy and activism work around similar topics I make art about, too. I write, present, and speak about things like lived experience, suicide, fatphobia, disability, and social justice.

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