alyse ruriani
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The Machine Redesign

As an exercise in my Flex Design course at MICA, I created the hypothetical identity and packaging for a local beer called "The Machine" by Marz.
The beer is a nod to the politics in Chicago, which I adapted to the national election going on at that time.


the machine box final.jpg

NAMI Rebrand

As an exercise in my Flex Design course at MICA, I redesigned the identity for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


RECOGNITION: a pop up shop

 where the (often difficult) everyday tasks of people, especially of those with mental illness, are acknowledged and celebrated.


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RECOGNITION is a pop-up shop where achievements are made tangible. Traditionally, award items are given for things of societal importance and pride- such as winning a competition. We're using them to reward seemingly menial tasks that are actually huge feats for those living with mental illness. We're fighting against the stigma of mental illness and disability by recognizing the challenges they encounter everyday and the adversity they face.



Appreciate the effort that goes into life. Everyone can relate to not wanting to get out of bed one morning or not wanting to do something you need to do- and we're rewarding you too. Appreciate your own efforts, but see the extra difficulty that the disabled face.

Stigma is rooted in misunderstanding. We hope that through the honesty and frankness of the achievements mentioned in these awards, we can give a deeper understanding into the challenges that those with mental illness and disability overcome every day.

Sometimes we just need affirmation. We are recognizing the victories that go uncelebrated in the lives of those with mental illness. Whether buys an award for themselves or someone else, we hope it makes them feel validated and proud of their progress.


besides buying really cool mental health awards, people could also donate to the cause.