alyse ruriani



A weaving incorporating the encompassing elements of memory– the good, the bad, the important, the forgotten, the missing.



Taking Space

Taking Space addresses the politics of weight, space, and womanhood. It is a wearable sculpture that weighs the amount I am deemed "too much" according to the inaccurate system of the BMI. The piece invites the audience to try on the weight, figuratively and literally. It is a recreation of the emotional weight that comes with taking up more space than society believes a woman should, including statements surrounding themes that intersect with weight, such as body image, violence, reproduction, sexuality, ability, and more.

Created for Materials and Media in Art Therapy course on the theme of "Body" at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



Handwoven tapestry as a response to societal constructs surrounding sexuality, virginity, and love.



For this piece I asked my peers for articles of clothing that they no longer fit into but still kept. I asked for their experience with weight and changing sizes and how they felt about it. The responses were varied in subject and situations, but each had the common feeling of wanting, missing, and growing. I embroidered a phrase from each person's response onto the piece of clothing they gave to me. In this way, the person had a way to share this part of their story and were able to let go of the tangible item that served no purpose other than an uncomfortable reminder.


Miscellaneous Fiber + Embroidery