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About Alyse

Hello there! My name is Alyse Ruriani. I care a lot about mental health...so much so that I have brought it into basically every aspect of my life! I make things related to mental health, like illustrations, design, lettering, self-help tools, and whatever else I'm feeling. I also do advocacy work by sharing my story with mental illness and recovery. Lastly, I am training to be an Art Therapist and Counselor, so I will be working to help others with their mental health through therapy! All of these aspects of my life inform one another, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love approaching mental health from both the personal and professional views, the clinical and the self-help route, and the large-scale and the intimate. I'm so glad you're here to witness it with me.



  • BFA in Graphic Design, Maryland Institute College of Art
  • MA in Art Therapy & Counseling Candidate, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


About the Business

You can read about the story behind my work through a comic I made on my Instagram.

There's one woman behind all of this– me! And I just like to give a little reminder that I am a person with lots of things on my plate (grad school, recovery, adulting, being a human... you know!) So, know that I am not as fast as Amazon, but I do my best. When you buy from me, you're supporting an independent artist. Specifically, you're supporting an independent artist in recovery who lives with chronic illness, so the patience and support is extra helpful as my symptoms and ability ebb and flow! I appreciate you!


None of my artwork or self-help tools are intended to replace a therapeutic relationship or professional mental health care.