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Create Your Own Mood Scale- Personal Use

Create Your Own Mood Scale- Personal Use


Moods change, moods can be difficult, and mood tracking/acknowledgement can be crucial to keeping up with your mental health. This worksheet provides you the space to think about what your moods look like to you on a numerical 0-10 scale.

I know I always hated when my therapist* would ask me what my mood was from 0-10. How was I supposed to attribute how I felt to an arbitrary number?

Well, it doesn't have to be arbitrary, and it doesn't have to be a cookie cutter answer from that mood chart hanging in the office waiting room. It can be all yours and personalized!

With this Mood Scale you can think about what YOUR 0-10 is: your feelings, emotions, thoughts, faces, signs, symptoms, and more.

Included in this PDF packet is:
• Information Page
• How-to Create Your Own Mood Scale 
• Mood Tracking Tips
• Lined Mood Scale
• Unlined Mood Scale

MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Don't be that therapist that does this! ;) Think this would be useful in your practice? Shoot me an email about buying permissions to reproduce copies for your clients!

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